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Home for the holidays - series pack

The word, "home" means different things to different to people. To some, it's a promise of a wonderful future. To others, it's a place of stability in an ever-changing world. To some, however, home is only a dream they feel they can never attain. But God in His great love has given us the gift of home with Jesus and a family within His Church. Join us this Christmas season, as we unwrap God's gift of home and the bright future God has planned for us when we take our place within His family in the local church.

This Series Pack includes everything you will need to promote this series, from promotional videos to editable Adobe Illustrator files.


  • Countdown

  • Message Bumper

  • Promotional Video

Graphics (Editable Adobe Illustrator Files)

  • Series Slide

  • Promo Slide

  • Facebook Banner

  • Web Banner

Home for the Holidays - Series Pack
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